Deception is presenting lie as truth and evil as good. Devil deceives by presenting trial as an act of wickedness and insensitivity to your plight on the part of God. He attempts to cover up the goodness and benefits of divine discipline, presenting them as being forsaken by God. Devil wants God to be blamed for the problems that may come, so as to make you doubt the loving and compassionate nature of God.

Job fell to this river of deception at the initial stage of the calamity that befell him. He blamed God for his woes. But for God’s mercy which enabled him to address his mind to wisdom and repented of his being deceived, job might not have been able to come out from this evil river of deception and would never have seen the restoration of the Lord. The result of deception is grumbling, bitterness, hurt and probably idolatry.

Deception can make miserable a Christian life that is supposed to be full of enthusiasm, joy and hope.

Do not be deceived, there is a future glory in trial if you can endure and embrace its divine purpose.

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