Bible Reading: John 20:1-end

Most often when we experience misfortune or loss of someone dear to us, we overwhelm ourselves with grief. Our grieving in turn takes our eyes, heart and mind away from Jesus the one who can turn our grief to joy. When we grief too much, it in turn affect our physical, psychological and spiritual well-being. In short too much grieving damages our health.

In our focal passage, Mary Magdalene became grief-stricken at the death of Jesus and especially when she got to the tomb of Jesus and could not find His body. She had not yet known that Christ had resurrected. She had forgotten all the promises of Christ that he would be killed and on the third day resurrect. In her state of crying, grieving, confused and dejected, Jesus called her name. At the mention of her name, she knew something had changed. Recognizing it was Jesus who was calling her, she turned to Jesus with Joy.

Beloved, only Jesus can turn your grief to joy, he is the one who can give solution to your challenges. He is the one who can offer you the needed comfort.

All you need to do is to give your attention to him as he speaks to you through His word. Do not allow your grief to blind you from seeing that you are not alone in  your  predicament, Christ is  also with you .

I prophesy that as we celebrate Easter today, God will turn your grief to joy in Jesus name.

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