The answer to this is very simple; every weapon of war must be tested before being taken to the battle. And also to whom much is given much is expected. God cannot afford to waste his grace. Every grace given by God has the corresponding responsibility.

To size up, to test and to determine the truth about a matter is trial. If trial is not managed well, it can lead to trouble and sorrow. The first point of call of the adverse effect of trials is the heart, which happen to also be the seat of God’s spirit in the life of man. The heart is the incubator of Christian character and values and it determines who you are. Now, if the negative effects of trials are such of injury to the heart, the very organ that God in his word specifically instructed to be jealousy guided (Proverb 27:3); why then is God permitting the trial in the first place?

The Grace of God upon his servants is to reign and dominate. God has also given man the grace to be in charge of all He created both animate and inanimate objects. By this open access being given, it requires those who have been proven, tested and tried by God.

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