There are wonderful ways of God’s discipline.

Nothing happens to those serving the Lord without his permission…. YOU WILL HAVE TROUBLE’S…… was one of the admonitions of Jesus Christ to His disciples. Enrolling and Enlisting into the services of God is by itself an open affront to the devil who happen to be the prince of the world. The devil is so mad at  servant of God, He is ready to give them as many troubles, hence the words of encouragement from the Lord Jesus Christ. God expects you to turn every trouble to a teacher in leaning the act of moving forward in his service. God’s purpose of permitting the trouble is to make you addicted and committed to him. God knew the capacity of Job to absorb the trouble of such magnitude, when he was boasting to him before Satan.

N:D: Any trouble that has the capacity of destroying He will not be allowed to happen to you.

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