Theme:   “For thus saith the Lord God, the Holy one of Israel, in returning and rest shall ye be saved; in quietness and in confidence shall be your strength (Isaiah 30:15)

Most often we become restless, fretful, confused and disorganized when confronted with problems of life, we tend to forget God is above every problem confronting us.

This word of God came to the Judah at a time when the Assyrians laid siege to their nation. Both the king and citizens became confused, running helter-skelter, planning go to Egypt for help. God then spoke to them that it is only in quietness and confidence they can have strength to subdue the battle against them.

Quietness and confidence attract us to God’s help. It is when we have quietness of mind and faith in God that He fights our battles. God saved the Israelites at the Red sea and drown their enemies when they obeyed Moses who asked them to be still. It is when we have quietness of mind that our minds possess the power and spiritual strength to think straight. This in turn will open our eyes to what God is doing or about to do and as well open our eyes to see doors of escape from our problems.

Beloved, do not fret because of that problem you are now facing, have faith in God and practice quietness of mind. The problem you see today; you will see no more in Jesus name.Get Renewed and Recharged

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