Scripture Reading: Zachariah 3:1-end


(i).  Text:“ The angel said to those who were  standing  before  Him, Take off his filthy  clothes”  Zech 3:4.

Most often, many Christians misunderstood the breadth of God’s mercy and forgiveness. This had at many times made them to live a gloomy life. They allowed the accuser to continually accuse them and made them unforgiveable and unacceptable before God. Satan’s accusation against Joshua as read in the Zachariah chapter three was accurate. He wore a filthy cloth and supposed not to stand before God.

However, his shortcomings notwithstanding, God accepted him, gave him a clean garment and made him righteous before Him. Everyday Satan accuses us, showing us the negative pictures of our lives in order to make us miserable, dejected and run away from the merciful God. You have been purchased by the blood of Christ and thereby set free. Do not give Satan a hold on your life, go to God your maker if you had offended Him. He is ready to forgive you, His mercy endures forever.  Make use of this lenten period to reconcile with Him.

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