It signifies brightness and enduring. Your service to God and your decision for Christ must have a lasting value. Likewise; the life of a functional priest must be void of dullness. Your life and appearance must be full of brightness, radiating the glory of God. There should be no room for dark spots in your life. It must be transparent enough for the sun of righteousness to penetrate through.

The glory is the beauty, the power and the awesomeness of God. So take away the glory from the life of a Christian, the rest is a useless bunch. Christ is the source and the hope of all glory. Put on Christ always. When you are always well dressed as a servant, there will be no reason or any way for hopeless situation to set in. You will be enabled to bring hope out of every seeming hopelessness. Peradventure you find yourself in an hopeless state, learn to praise God in that very bad mood. The joy of praise will make your heart merry and blossom.

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