The Great Provider

The provision of all your needs while living for God is divinely guaranteed. When God called upon Abraham to offer his only son Isaac as a burnt sacrifice, it was not that God desires or encourages the practice of human sacrifice but that he might test the level of Abraham’s faithfulness, obedience and submission to his will. Because Abraham yielded to the demand of God upon his ‘heifer; the only thing that was like his life, God released his endowment of divine provision to bail him out of his trial

Every assignment from God carries the needed provision to accomplish it. There is no vision without its provision but there can be provision without a vision. If the Lord asks you to start a ?Job for Him, He will supply all the needed resources.

If He asks you to commit your life to him, he will adequately support you. But faith is required to tap into God’s abundant provision. The grace you need to reign in life and do exploits is a provision from God. If it seems the way you are treading is closing or you are in the midst of difficulty, God can provide alternate ways of ease. Embrace and hold tight to the Lord Jesus to guarantee your overflowing provision.

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