A man of meditation is happy, not for an hour or a day,  but quite round the circle of all his years.

Some people are frightened by the word meditation.  It evokes images of bearded gurus sitting cross-legged in robes and chanting meaningless monosyllables.  However, to meditate simply means to think deeply and continuously about something.  If you can worry over something, you will meditate like a champion.

For the person who wants to nurture their faith, meditation can consist merely of focussing on the Bible’s teachings and the God behind them.  You “talk”to yourself about a verse or a truth and try to see it from all the directions you can think of.  When you meditate, God comes to you and suggests ideas and thoughts that give you new insights into God’s mind and His world.  Choose an appropriate verse and meditate on God’s goodness, on His wisdom and counsel, on His love and kindness. Meditate on His awesome creation and wondrous works. It doesn’t matter what aspect of God you choose, meditating on Him and His Word will transform your life.


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