Text:- “Hope differed makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life”. Prov. 13:12.

Brethren, nearly all of us have dreams, aspirations and expectations for our lives. We hope for good homes, jobs, health, long and happy lives etc. These hopes, dreams, expectations and aspirations are sometimes met within our desired frame of time while some are not but differed. When hope is differed it is easy for the heart to get sick. It is also easy for bitterness, negativity, disillusionment and discouragement to come in and begin to crowd the hearts, this invariably hides the hopes.

When our hopes are differed and our aspirations, dreams and expectations are not met, we should not allow our hearts to get sick. We should also fight against bitterness, and discouragements. We should keep in mind the fact that God’s time is always the best and He is never too late. That He knows the most suitable and appropriate time to visit His own and meet their aspirations and expectations, fulfil their dreams and grant their hearts’ desires.

Therefore don’t lose hope; for you will laugh very soon.

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