There is no greater way to express our love to the Lord than to surrender to his holy spirit every day. In fact, it is absolutely essential if you are to know the person of the Holy Spirit intimately and express his work profoundly. But surrendering is only possible through PRAYER and BROKENNESS before the Lord.

Can everyone experience the Holy Spirit? Can everyone see the Holy Spirit do great things, great men of God has experienced? The answer is yes! There is no special gift involved, only BROKENNESS and SURRENDER. So the question is not “Do I have the gift?” The question is “Can O surrender all to Him?

Here is how the process begins, as you get to know the Lord, it is then that he begins to manifest Himself and His love to you. And a fellowship begins that grows and intensifies in you to get to the place you will say “Lord Jesus, I give you my life, my mind, my heart, my dreams, my emotions, my thoughts; I give you them all to you. I surrender spirit, soul and body. Do with me as you will”. Then the Holy Spirit will teach you not just about yourself, but also about what the father has for you.

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