Text:  Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits” Psalm 103:2.

We often ignore what God has done in our lives due to the blindness occasioned by inordinate ambition to be like others who we believed are far better than us or those we thought God has favoured more than us. This was what happened to the servant who was given one talent in the Parable of the Talent (Matthew 25:14-30) He couldn’t realise he was given something precious to trade with and make profit for the kingdom.  He envied the other two: one given five talents and the other given two; he did not appreciate his own, failed to trade with it and eventually lost it. Likewise, we easily forget God’s benefits in our lives when we are faced with some life challenges and issues. We forget his past blessings, assistance and deliverance, and ignorantly occupy ourselves with bitterness and complain.

David the writer of our focal text, Psalm 103:2 knew it is easy for man to forget God’s benefits, reason he challenged his soul to bless God and not forget His benefits. He challenged himself not to forget God’s goodness, favour, benevolence and kindness. Despite, all the challenges he faced in life, he did not take his eyes off God’s goodness and benefits.

Beloved, let us not ignore what God has done and what he is doing in our lives. Don’t let us consume ourselves with anxieties and worries that will take our eyes off God and thereby forget His benefits. Let us stop comparing ourselves with others but appreciate our distinctiveness and his benefits. That we are alive today to be at this year’s Harvest is one of His benefits. To bless God means to make God happy by our lives and actions. In another sense, it means loving God, working for His kingdom advancement and loving our neigbours as ourselves.

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