Text: “Good understanding giveth favour but the way  of transgressors is hard” Prov. 13:15

Life is beautiful for those with an understanding of how things work or was meant to work. We may not understand how things work if we fail to learn how they work or give our attention to the process of things. Life is a process and those who carefully study the process and follow the process don’t waste time and effort in getting things work perfectly and suitably for them. Often many undergo or bear unnecessary pains because they fail to understand the process or are not eager to follow the process of life. Many today, especially Youth are not interested in getting proper understanding of how things work; reasons for the many setbacks and disappointments they face.

In our focal text, Solomon explained that good understanding or living by the rules of wisdom attracts man to favour. To him a man who has understanding of processes and follow same will definitely be favoured by God and men.

Beloved, our lives will be more beautiful and pleasurable than it is if we put our attention to the process of things, learn from life; especially from our day to day living. I need to say here that the understanding we are referring to is not such that is learnt from classrooms but from life and people who are more experienced than us-those who know how to deal with issues of life. The more we gain such understanding and apply same to our lives, the more better it is for us in life. Wisdom is the principal things therefore get wisdom and with all thy getting get understanding.

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