Most times, if a venture had not been despised, it may be hard for us to push it to fruition. If the vision receives appraisal and encomiums from the people from the beginning, it may end in ridicule. Let them despise the course you are reading, saying it’s not lucrative, that is where you will make your fortune. To pray that no one will despise your vision and dreams is like praying that God cancels the rapture of the saints.

Why do people despise us or our visions? It is because, human speaking, we appear too little to do the great task set before us. People have the right to compare our academic or financial status to the gravity of the vision we want to pursue and draw conclusion to make headway. They are wrong, no dreams gets fulfilled on the basis of merit but by MERCY (Roman) 9:16).

What should be your correct reaction to such ridicule?

Please, do not call a conference to convince them to believe in your dream. You would have abused the rule of the game. SILENCE, DETERMINATION, PRAYERS (Nehemiah 4:4-6). Don’t quit that course because some people have DESPISED IT. Don’t quit that job because friends and siblings make jest of you. If you are afraid of mockery, you will end up doing nothing. Many people have abandoned some versatile ventures, because Satan incited some people to mock them. Has the mockery not increased since you stopped? Please, despite the ridicule and go forward.

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