Attaining success in life endeavours require a process. When we celebrate men for their achievements, we are grateful to God for what they have become. Many times we ignore how they have become what they have become. We are quick to tap into the grace that made them successful.


Many people will miss this success that they desire because they fail to realise that there is hardly anything called an “overnight success”. All successes come with sacrifice and denials, little beginnings (Zech 4:10), precept upon precept, line upon line (Isaiah 28:10). Walking in this understanding will yield “little wins” which must be appreciated (and celebrated) as a reward for effort.


While staying in the process, keep learning, continue to grow, help others, be a source of inspiration, be encouraged, get a grip of the process, refuse to be idle, refuse to be discouraged and avoid anything that will lead to failure.

Stay in the process and you are sure of success.

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