Text:Numbers 11:1-24.

Focus: “And the Lord said to Moses, is the Lord’s arm too short? You will now see whether or not what I say will come true for you” Numbers 11:23.


Moses thought God had made wrong calculations when He (God) promised to provide the Israelites meat in the wilderness. Moses’ concern was on the number of men who were with him and the number of days to receive the provisions; Six Hundred Thousands men to be fed with meat for one month.  His concern was also on the amount of resources required to meet this task: the herds of flock needed. Thereby, he was doubtful if the task would be accomplished.

Many times in our lives, we act just like Moses. We only see the obvious; we calculate based on what the requirements are, what resources available, by what means to get what we wanted done. We then begin to suggest to God instead of taking God by His word and having trust in His promises.

Brethren, let us begin to take God by His words and have complete faith in Him. No matter the situation, God’s word will never go unfulfilled. It will definitely produce tangible result. It doesn’t really matter what your problems are or how long you’ve waited for solution; trust God and His word and you will see the difference!

Do you see God bigger than your problems?

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