You have to Rise, to shine!  The first verse of Isaiah Chapter 60 says, Arise, Shine!  For the light has come your shining in life is a function of your rising.  What you do with your light determines what the waiting world sees.

The fist law of motion corroborates this Spiritual fact by saying that an object will remain stagnant until a force in apply.

In the Case of egg, if the force is internal, life begins, if the force is external, then life ends and such egg future is aborted.

You need to develop an internal dissatisfaction with your current situation regardless (Prov. 4:18) and arise in the place of prayers for more positive turnaround.  Otherwise, frustration from outside might set in subsequently leading to depression.

As year 2019 is winding down and 2020 is approaching.  God’s expectation is that you must shine more.

This calls for you to rise (increase, do more in the place of prayers, Meditation in His Word. Step up your action, demand more from yourself, upgrade your business skills, and acquire more qualification.  Rising from Indolence to excellence is by diligence.

The remaining Sundays of this year will be unusual.

Join us as we Pray and diligently Seek God’s face for a drastic and speedy positive turnaround in this year 2020.  Let meet at the top!    Shalom

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