“Do not be afraid O worm Jacob, 0 little Israel for I will help you.” 

Isaiah 41:14.

The antidote against fear is faith in God and trust in His word. The Israelites were surrounded by enemies bigger and stronger than them. They were like worms that could be treaded upon, little in both strength and population. Moreover, when they compared themselves with their oppositions and the challenges they faced, they felt Insignificant, and thereby became terrified. But then God stilled their fear with His word of encouragement: “Do not be afraid….for I will help you”. The antic of Satan in cheating us is getting us scared.  He will show us reasons we should be afraid, because he wants us to bow to our problems. Once you are afraid, you have given Satan the upper hand to conquer. Beloved, you should not be afraid even when Satan or situation terrifies you. Remember you have a God who is bigger than your problems. God has never failed and will never fail. He is assuring you today of His presence and assistance. This is enough for you not to be afraid, and to confront all challenges with boldness.

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