“Jesus Saith Unto Her, Said I Not Unto Thee, That If Thou Wouldest Believe, Thou Shouldest See The Glory Of God?”              John 11:40.

The key to seeing God’s glory radiating upon us and illuminating our lives is ‘believe’ or simply faith.  God is ready to work miracles in our lives, He is ready to change our situations for the better if only we believe in Him, that is, He is able to do all things and nothing is impossible unto Him.

Rather than having complete faith in God, some of us have chosen to cry and complain about our situations, we wear the countenance of sadness and allow fear and depression to consume us.

Mary and Martha, the Sisters of Lazarus concentrated more on their bereavement and the situation the dead Lazarus was as a result of being dead for four days.  They forgot what Jesus had earlier told them through the messenger they sent to Him to inform Him of their brother’s death that their situation was to reveal the glory of God (John 11:4).  Jesus had to remind them in Verse 40 that if only they believe they will see the glory of God.

Beloved, your present unpalatable situation is to reveal God’s glory in the end, therefore, strengthen your faith and stop worrying, stop crying and complaining, end all forms of sorrow, depressions and fear, change your countenance completely from sadness to joy and begin to act on the word of God.  This is your season to see the glory of God. I Declare by the reason of anointing that God will reveal His glory in your life and turn all your sorrows to joy in Jesus name.  Amen.

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