Oh, how great are God’s riches and wisdom and knowledge! How impossible it is for us to understand his decision and his ways!” Romans 11:33

Bible Reading: 1 Chronicle 4:9-10:

The greatest wise and richest men in this world cannot understand the riches, wisdom and knowledge of God. The riches of God is richer than the richest, the wisdom of God is wiser than the wisest. The knowledge of God is without end. No wonder King Solomon in the Bible was considered the wisest king of his time, because he asked for wisdom of God to rule his people. And God granted him that prayer request.  The Bible is at our disposals and we read about God, His wisdom, glory and riches; even how we can get them from Him, yet many Christians still go to fellow mankind to look for such, even to witches, fetish doctors, ritualists, false prophets, etc.  What a shame!

Why are you searching for riches from men, when you have God whose riches are unending? Jabez in our Bible passage looked up unto God and asked God to enlarge his coast. For this reason, that he did not look elsewhere than God, he was honoured above the citizens of his time.

Dear brother/ sister, stop using your own wisdom and understanding to navigate your path, Ask God for direction. Don’t embark on any business or voyage without consulting Him. Ask Him for all your needs, He will surely give them unto you.

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