To God be the glory, great things He has done. “He has done great things nice. Blessed be the Lord”.  We thank God for bringing us to the light of another glorious year. It has been God in the life of this great Cathedral for the numerous wonders He is doing in our midst. We can’t thank God enough.  And this is the reason why we declare that He is our sufficiency.

We have nothing to declare of our own, no achievement to display on our own accord, we have no strength, utterance or ability to exhibit by ourselves. It has been God all the way. “It is in Him we live, move and have our being”.  There have been several records of different dimensions of achievements which we regard as tips of an iceberg and we believe that we shall live to see more.

God is all in all, He is everything a man can desire. No man can prevail by his own strength or scale through without God. A man must acknowledge this truth and completely depend on God for everything in life.  Without Him man is nothing and with Him, there is no limit to what a man can achieve.

God through the ages have proved this and He is waiting to prove more of himself in our lives.   I pray that our lives shall be evidences of his greatness.

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