Since the beginning of time, God has been shown to us through the scriptures, how He transacts with words by speaking “And God said…” Gen.1:3.  He has given everything he created the ability to hear Him and by creating man after His image and likeness, He gives us the capacity to receive spiritual impulses.  As crucial as hearing Him is to our journey on earth, it is discovered that the reception of His words is a function of how prepared our hearts are.

Every word of God is a potential fruits producer, but the land upon which it will germinate like a tree, which is our heart, must be prepared and made fit to receive the word of God.

To make our hearts fit, we must open up to God and allow Him to take away the stones and the thorns and be ready to receive with joy the engrafted word which is able to save our souls.

The beauty of every word of God we listen to is to become fruitful in our life, so, make your heart a good ground.


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