School of Character Study (Discipline)

One virtue that is missing virtually in all sphere of human interaction nowadays is discipline.  It has warmed down so much in our society that our society could almost be described as a lawlessness one.  Discipline according to the dictionary is the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behaviour.  You are adjudged to be disciplined when you  have self-control.  Self-control is your ability to say no when everything in you is saying yes or other way especially when such is not right.  Discipline is needed in every sane society.  It brings decorum and orderliness; it manifest from seemingly little acts i.e. table manners, greetings, talking in the public etc to complex issues like handling of money/resource/opposite sex.  It is a hallmark of every disciple of Christ.

It is disheartening that this great virtue is in decline in steady basis in our midst.  Majority of children of this generation lack discipline.  They cannot tolerate being disciplined.  They hate being corrected.  They want to be on their own.  How for can this take us? Which are the likely coming dangers in the future?  Which point did we all miss it and is there any hope of restoration?  These and more are what we trust the blessed Holy Spirit to unveil to us as we progress in our school of character today.

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