Text: “Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as it is fit in the Lord.  Husbands love your wives, and be not bitter against them. Children, Obey your   parents in all things; for this is well pleasing unto the Lord” Colossians 3:18-20

If there is any revival needed most in our Society it is the revival of the Christian home. Truly, and honestly we need Church revival, educational revival, Institutional revival, political revival and economic revival, all these would not be attained if the idea of a good Christian home continue to abate and nosedive as we have it today.

To have a Christian home is better than having a good edifice as a house. The house we built without having disciplined children and lovely family amount to nothing. Therefore, there is the need for every couple to see to the building of their family. It is evident that Christian home is in a state of decline. There are many things that take our eyes off this problem. Most of us struggle with time to the detriment of our family, no more time for devotion and giving of instructions to the children. Our jobs,  Television and social media squeeze our time out of our hands. It is so bad that each individual in a family is now married to his/her phone than his/her partner, children and siblings. The unity of the home has become difficult to maintain. It is also evident that sanctify of marriage is gradually becoming eroded. There is low view of marriage by many families thereby divorce is on the increase. There are lots of broken homes. Parental authority has waned. Some parents because they do not want to be labeled “old School” permits everything their children do in the name of modernity. Some fathers are weak and simply cannot uphold their headship of the family. Inability of parents to exercise parental authority has made some children to lack control and as well self-control; whoever has never been under authority cannot have self-control. Religious instruction is lacking in many homes.

Beloved, as we celebrate Mothering Sunday today, we should reflect on our homes and ask ourselves the following questions: is my home a Christian home? Is Christ truly our Lord and Saviour? Am I setting my wife/husband and children a Christian example? Do we have time for devotion? Is being godly part of the legacy I want to leave behind for my children? Are my children in the church?

Let us start today to build our homes and make them Christian families. In building a Christian family we need the followings:

(I)   Set yourself an example in faith, godliness and good moral conduct (Titus 2:7).

(ii)    Give family devotion utmost attention, make it a duty and religiously observed (Deuteronomy 6:6-7)

(iii)   Exert your authority; children are to be under parental control. (Proverbs 22:6)

(iv)   Keep to sanctity of marriage.(Luke 16:18)

(v)  Be active in the church, render services and make sure your children follow suit. (Luke 2:41-52)


Very Revd Adewale Adebiyi Ph.D

The Provost

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