When it is time for God to take you in to your divine breakthrough, He will endow you with what you needed to make it happen.  To Joseph, He granted him the power of dream and it’s interpretation, To Moses it was a Rod.  Beloved, look deeply into your life to know what He has deposited into your hands.  It is your responsibility to know that which He has given you for your breakthrough in life.  Destiny helpers may not be gifted people but they have access while you may not have access but gifted.  When God is about to help you,  He will give those who matters problem they cannot solve and shut every door until your gifts get answers to it. There is something inside of you that is desperately needed by someone.  All you need is to be aware of it, develop it and make use of it for your breakthrough.

You need to start to engage your gift for a lift in life. The gift of a man makes room for him.  Mostly, it’s your gift that will be needed by your destiny helpers to set you above.  May you find and utilize it.


Note:  Your gift will never speak in a place where they don’t value and honour it.

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