Text: “I lift my eyes to the hills- where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth”-Psalm 121:1-3

Bible Reading: John 5: 1-18


As humans, we sometimes need a push. We need someone to give us a lift  to attain our goals and reach our destinations. The man with infirmities at the pool of Bethsaida complained to Jesus that he was in his infirmities for Thirty-Eight years because he had no one to give him a push. Like this man, there are times we stay tool long in the same position because there is no one to help us with needed ideas, skills or resources. At such times look up to God, He is ready to help you. Yes! He will not come down but he will send you angels in form of men who will come to you and give the needed resources, ideas and skills to forge ahead. He can also make things to align and work for His purpose in your life.


Beloved, when your eye is simply on men and not on God for assistance, you may desperately look for it and find it not. Also remember that human help may come with humiliating cost. Thus look nowhere else than unto God for help. He is ready to help you.

You are blessed and highly favoured.

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