Text: “Though thy beginning was small, yet thy lather end should greatly increase” Job 8:7

Readings: 1 John 5:1-end & Habakkuk 2:1-end

This word of Bildad the Shuhites, one of Job’s three friends who came to visit him during his trials was quite a prophecy from God which came into fulfillment in the latter days of job, (Job 42:12).

Most often we feel discouraged when facing difficulties and challenges and as well assumed that God is not therefore us. This is because we are not privileged to see what God is doing on our behalf behind the scenes and in the heavenly realm. God had at no time abandoned Job in his trials but because he was not privy to what was going on in the heavenly realm, he felt God had unjustly treated him.

Beloved, God has always been there for you, however, there are things in the natural that have to be changed and re-arranged before your breakthrough manifests. God is actually doing these; all you need to do is to be faithful, positive and patient.  Don’t give up; God is working for your better and prosperous latter days. You will cross-over to year 2020 with big and pleasant testimonies in Jesus name.

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