Texts: Joel 2:28-32; Acts 2:1-21 John 20 19-31

Today, our theme points us to something important and very germane to the Church and every Christian individual.  It is the realization of the Spirit promised by Jesus Christ. Of Course, there are many Spirits; there is Evil Spirit through which some other spirits emanated such as Alcoholic spirit, spirit of lying, gossips, hatred, fornication etc.  However,  we are concerned with the promised Spirit which is also the Holy Spirit or Spirit of Christ or Spirit God. This Spirit is part of God head; we acknowledge this in our creed. John 4:24 says God is Spirit, invariably, Spirit is God, He is unseen; the only part of God that can be seen is the Son.

The  Spirit is the power through which God works. Psalm 103:15-18, Jeremiah 4:11, Isaiah 40:7.When God wanted to make man a living being, the Spirit worked Gen. 2:7, Ezekiel. 37:1-14. To achieve certain things in the lives of His people He sent the Spirit to empower them, Judges 14:6, 15:14 & 15. To keep His people on track He sent the Spirit to inspire His Prophets to speak His words.

Everyone born into the world, whether Christian or not, has the Spirit of life. What that do is to make one a living being, a resemblance of this life is found in animals/plants. The difference is that, God spoke & His Spirit gave life to animals and plants but to  man He breath it.  In to days  gospel, Jesus breath on the disciples John 20:20; this gave unto the disciples Apostolic Spirit which is empowerment for the work of the Ministry. We use this word in ordination to show that the Spirit given to the Ordained is Apostolic Spirit.

The Spirit of God functioned differently in both the Old Testament and New Testament. In the Old Testament, it is for spiritual restoration. Before the promise in Joel 2:12-17 the Israelites had become dry spiritually, no true worship, among the people, the worship became mechanical.  God then promised restoration both physically and spiritually through His Spirit. This was to happen when they follow what God required.

In the New Testament, the spirit empowers Christians for true worship of God. It also gives power for service and witnessing, it energises God’s people who had become lukewarm and sharpen their focus. Every Christian is called to witness, if one does not have the power he /she cannot witness.  Therefore God empowered us as Christian with the Holy Spirit purposely to witness Christ through which we  bring more People into His Kingdom.  Our witness empower those who come to Christ to be saved and become children of God.  They in return are also to witness to others.  This is our responsibility.

Therefore it is Important that everyone in the church has the Spirit. It is for every age and group. Joel 2:28-ff.

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