From the womb to the tomb we need men. But the most dangerous thing is to be surrounded with men who are irrelevant to your purpose and destiny.  Life is never designed to be lived alone. At certain period of time, we met people in our lives who have either made us or broken us. We are all product of Men

Through a nurse, Mephiboseth become crippled (2 Sam. 4:4) through Joseph, the Chief got correct interpretation of his dream and was set free (Gen. 40:9), through a maid, Naaman got what he needed most in life (2 King 5:1-3). In other words, all of us need people to get to where we have been designed to be.  The man sometimes look insignificant because they seem not to have what we are looking for, they look too ordinary but the strange thing about them is that they can connect you to what and who you are looking for.

Never allow pride, and denied heart to miss these people in your life.

Is your character attracting men who could help you to your side! Check your principles, heart and your character so that you don’t miss out of those whom God has designed for your lifting.  May your pride not send them away from you. Be humble enough to connect with these men and you shall be divinely helped.

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