“Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord”. Exodus14:13

Reading: Exodus 14:1-end.

Arguably, there has never been a generation that has more difficulty in standing still than our present generation. We seem to be too much concerned and anxious about many things. We are so much overwhelmed by the challenges of the day, most especially to make ends-meet. We run helter-skelter when we face challenges; disappointments and when our plans for our homes, health, finances, children, etc. seem failing.

Today, the word of God for you is to stand still. Standing still does not mean that you become inactive and turn to fate but to trust in God who has the capacity and ability to still the storms of your life. Remember”Young lion do lack and suffer huger but those who trust the Lord do not lack good things” (Psalm 34:10). To stand still is to be at peace with yourself in your challenges and not hate yourself or see yourself as a failure, to be at peace in your heart and have hope that God is bigger than your present challenges. To stand still is to get yourself together and peacefully think of the next step of action to take in overcoming that problem.

When the children of Israel stood still, God fought their battle that Pharaoh and Egyptian army who were pursuing them drown in the Red Sea. This brought an end to their slavery and Egyptian hegemony.

Brother/Sister, on that issue troubling you, giving you headaches; that seemingly insurmountable problem, what God has been demanding from you was to stand still, hear His plans for your victory and by faith act on those plans. Then those problems you will see no more.


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